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1.27.24 Marcello Cormio and KHFM’s Brent

Marcello Cormio conducts the Santa Fe Pro Musica orchestra this weekend. He and Brent talk about Carl Nielsen, Jesse Montgomery, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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1.26.24 Pasatiempo Pro Musica Celebrates Mozart’s Birthday

“The ‘Jupiter’ Symphony combines two of conductor Marcello Cormio’s greatest passions. He is best known in the music world as an opera conductor, and, he says, “The composer that I’ve performed the most is Mozart. I value his operas above anything else, basically.””—Mark Tiarks, Santa Fe New Mexican

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1.18.24 Los Alamos Daily Post—Santa Fe Pro Musica Presents the Elias Quartet

In the fourth installment of Santa Fe Pro Musica’s popular String Quartet Series at 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 25, the Elias Quartet performs groundbreaking compositions by Haydn, Stravinsky, and Beethoven that altered the trajectory of the string quartet.

Known for performing, recording, and documenting all sixteen Beethoven string quartets in their ambitious “Beethoven Project,” the Elias Quartet is praised by The Scotsman for their “intense, free-thinking approach [that sets] free the wildest excesses of Beethoven’s inventiveness.”

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1.3.24 BNN Breaking—Brentano Quartet to Mesmerize Santa Fe with ‘Chiaroscuro’ Performance

“The quartet’s upcoming program, ‘Chiaroscuro,’ promises an exploration of contrasts, sure to leave audiences pondering long after the final note has faded. At the heart of the performance lies Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8—a haunting masterpiece dedicated to the victims of fascism and war. This poignant work stands in stark contrast to the more buoyant and joyous quartets of Mozart and Mendelssohn, creating a rich tapestry of human emotion and experience.”—BNN Breaking

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1.3.24 Los Alamos Daily Post—Santa Fe Pro Musica Presents ‘Brentano Quartet–Chiaroscuro’ in St. Francis Auditorium Feb. 11

Pro Musica’s celebrated String Quartet Series continues this February with the “Passionate, uninhibited, and spellbinding” Brentano Quartet (London Independent). In their program “Chiaroscuro”—referring to an artistic technique that uses contrasting light and shadow to create volume and depth—Shostakovich’s intensely personal String Quartet No. 8, dedicated to the victims of fascism and war, sits in high contrast with two of the most uplifting, ebullient quartets by Mozart and Mendelssohn.

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1.1.24 AAA Magazine Fun Things to Do in New Mexico

“FREE! January 14 Santa Fe’s Pro Musica continues its popular educational series with ‘Why Explain Historical Instruments?’ at the New Mexico Museum of Art’s St. Francis Auditorium. Diderot Quartet members discuss their 400-year-old Baroque string instruments, comparing them to present-day versions in appearance and sound.”—Pamela Porter, AAA Magazine

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