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10.01.20 | The Great Plague

We are not living through the only historical period that has faced a dreadful pandemic and rampant fires. From 1665 through 1666, London lost a quarter of its population to the bubonic plague and most of its buildings to a catastrophic fire.

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Pasatiempo Review | 09.27.19
Pro Musica delivers solid season opener

Mark Tiarks reviews Pro Musica’s 2019-20 Season Opening Concert

Beethoven shocked the audience when his revolutionary Symphony No. 3 premiered in 1805: Attendees reportedly yelled insults such as, “I’ll pay more money if this thing will only stop!” Most of the critics were no kinder, far preferring the piece with which it was coupled, a symphony by Anton Eberl. “Shrill and complicated,” a reviewer wrote of the Beethoven at the time. From others: “The endless duration … exhausts even connoisseurs”; “bizarre”; and “long, very long, and contrived, very contrived.”composers.

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Barber, Violin Concerto, Movement 3 (Presto)

Santa Fe Pro Musica (2014)

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